Writing and Sundry

Howdy Folks!


It’s been some time since my last post, so I thought I would drop by to let everyone know I’m still alive.

Are you?

Since I managed to snag your attention, here are a few updates:

  1. I’m still writing. Not on the projects I had been earlier this year, but an important one. My own submission into SFFWorld.com’s annual anthology.
  2. I’ve changed the deadline of said anthology to the end of September AND I’m opening it up to non-SFFWorld.com forum members. That means you, too, can submit a story. I’ll make an official announcement later, but get your thinking cap on and ruminate on this year’s theme: maps.
  3. Just finished reading Age of Myth by Michael J. Sullivan and delving into some more of Lindsay Buroker’s new series, Chains of Honor. What are you reading?
  4. My dog has passed on. Sadly, from now on, this means you will not see any new photos of my baby. But on occasion, I’ll post a picture from his youth.
Circa 2005

So…what have you all been up to?


11 thoughts on “Writing and Sundry

    1. All is well, but still missing our pooch. We had him for 16 years. He was very much a part of our lives. But, for the rest of us, life goes on. I’ve been super busy, but will try to get back to blogging on a monthly basis, at least!

  1. So sorry to hear that you lost your dog. That’s always very hard. Right now, I’m working on second draft revisions on my novel in progress, and also getting my anthology, Wee Folk and Wise, ready for the publisher. Shannon Hale’s first “Ever After High School” book is next on my to-be-read shelf. Keep on writing!

  2. I’m currently test driving my Mapthology submission with my writers group while I take another swing at something bigger: one hand is working on the first part of a story of indeterminate length, either a novella in four-parts or a novel in four novella-parts, hopefully; the other hand is finally gearing up to retool my published/unpublished novel.

    Other parts of my body are busy too. My brain is trying to figure out how I’ll pay the bills after five lovely years of doing whatever I want to, 24/7. And my heart is breaking over the terrible mess my nation has revealed itself to be. The Brexit is like discovering your house has been burgled, and then finding out that the people who broke in and wrecked the place were your family.

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