Day 8

This is the second Monday of NewNoWriMo, or the 8th day.

I know, this is the hard part. You want to put your work aside. Writing is stupid. You’ll never finish and it’s a waste of time.

I know, I feel that way, too. I want to stop, to put my project on hold, because, really, who’s ever gonna read this shit?

But I also know I have written stuff folks, like, actually like. They were even moved to laugh or cry or think deep thoughts. It has happened! And the only way for that to happen again is if we KEEP WRITING.

So, remember:

The road to hell is paved with works-in-progress. —Philip Roth

Let’s not go to hell.

There’s still time to sign up for NewNoWriMo. Just list your name and word count goal in this document: NewNoWriMo Tracking. Remember to come back everyday to log in your accomplishments. Oh, and do drop a line in the comment section so that I can add you to the drawing pool for the prizes!


One thought on “Day 8

  1. That’s a great quote and so true. Our first drafts are rarely pretty, but we need a foundation to build on. There’s time to pretty it up later, but the best way to finish a book is to get it all out there first.

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