It’s starting…

Tomorrow! Feb 1st, 2016.

Are you ready for NewNoWriMo? For 29 days of dedication to your writing?

I hope so, because I’m not! I haven’t outlined my story. (gnash teeth)

But that’s okay. I have a fair idea of what my character wants to achieve. Come tomorrow when I start writing, I’ll figure out how she’ll get there. So, yes, I’ll be pantsing it!

How about you?

Here are a few posts from this past month you can review to prepare for NewNoWriMo:

Each day in Feb, I’ll post an inspiring quote. You can use the comment section of each post to either announce your accomplishment(s) or sound off.

Also, don’t forget to “officially” sign up by posting your name and goal in this document so you’ll be eligible for the prizes. At the moment, there are only six names listed! Two of which are ineligible to win. Hmmm, I guess those who have signed up probably don’t want me to encourage more to sign up. The odds are in their favor!

Whether you sign up or not, enjoy your Sunday. Rest up. Binge watch Firefly or Continuum or Game of Thrones or Babylon 5, because tomorrow you’ll eschew the world and…

Write until your fingers bleed.

15 thoughts on “It’s starting…

    1. Hey Jurassic! Thanks for stopping by. Each year, I try NaNoWriMo, and most years I fail. But I always get a lot out of it. So, join us to fail. It’ll still be fun and you might actually get a story out of it. 🙂

      1. My current WIP, hopefully. The supernatural crime comedy about the retired detective living in a village full of ghosts (he’s the only living person). It’s about 31,000 words long now. If I can get it to 40,000 by the end of Feb, that’ll take me to my projected 2/3 mark.

      2. Excellent! I’m also writing about ghosts. My protagonist can see ghosts too. Not a comedy, but I’m trying to inject some humor into it. I’ll be writing the third episode of what I hope will be a six part series.

  1. I’ll be keeping tabs, but strictly “off the record”. I’ve got to write at least 20,000 before Feb 22nd (to finish off a ghost-written novel), so this will make for an excellent rod to my back…

    Best of luck to you and your disciples!

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