On the Kindle

Sometimes the holidays bring free time. Sometimes not. But here’s what is on my Kindle right now. Hopefully, I’ll get through it all before the new year. Feel free to share your own list either by commenting on this post, or posting your own list and linking back to mine.

The Dragon’s Hoard*

* That’s my Kindle’s name.

26346611Body Work (Chapter 5 in the Peter Grant series GRAPHIC NOVEL) by Ben Aaronvitch

This series is one of my favorites, but I made a mistake. I bought one in the series of the graphic novel adaptation instead of the next novel. I had meant to pre-order The Hanging Tree (#6), but I got it wrong. I really enjoy (okay, maybe I’m smitten with) the main character, Peter Grant. He’s funny, charming, and clever. Plus, he’s good to Toby, the magic-sniffing dog. So, I’m going to give the graphic novel a go. I’m jumping in mid-stream (pun intended) but that’s okay. I know the story well. This will be my VERY first graphic novel and I plan to review it for SFFWorld.com.

18952341The Grace of Kings by Ken Liu

I’ve read a few short stories by Ken Liu but none of the works he has translated nor any of his novels. I’ve heard both good and bad things about this book. We’ll see if it is to my liking. If so, I’ll probably review it, but no promises. The cover is enchanting and I like epic fantasy so as long as it doesn’t completely bore me, I think I’ll get through it this week.

26771521Beacon 23 (the complete novel) by Hugh Howey

Another Science Fiction series by Hugh Howey, I started this when the compilation came out and I quickly put it away. It starts well and I knew I would want to read this straight through. It’s the type of story I think Hugh does really well. He likes to pit lone characters in realistic, but terrifying situations and then make something go horribly wrong. Hugh never fails to write informative and emotive novels. I’m looking forward to this.

But I’m waiting for an uninterrupted six hours to get through it.

One thing that I both like and dislike about the serial is that many times each episode leaves us with a cliff hanger. That’s okay, so long as I have the next one immediately available!

Maybe the day after New Year’s Eve I’ll get those six hours? It’s a date! This will also be reviewed for SFFWorld.com.

25161990Dark Matters: Absences by Andrew Leon Hudson

My editing/writing partner has published a series of short stories. I’ve read a couple, specifically his weird westerns, but this volume (and this series) is dedicated to…the dark side (not a Star Wars reference – but I did just see it, have you?).

Anyway, I’m not a huge fan of horror so I’ve put off reading these, but this one is supposed to feature the apocalypse. So long as there aren’t too many zombies, we’ll see how far I get before it induces nightmares.

25302137The Masked Songbird (Shrike #1) by Emmie Mears

I’m actually just about done with this one.

I know Emmie Mears. A fellow blogger, I had the honor of launching her debut novel here on this very blog, but at the time, I never got around to reading it. To be honest, the original cover did not entice me – at all. Recently, I noticed Emmie re-released this (along with the second book) with new covers (which I think are great, better than the original). And the second book in the series just came out. And while there are things in The Masked Songbird I’m not entirely convinced by, this is a series I intend to keep reading. The protagonist is fun and the world setting is intriguing. Check it out. I’ll be reviewing it soon for SFFWorld.com.

22393174Half-resurrection Blues (Bone Street Rumba #1) by Daniel José Older

I started this one earlier this year and got about half way through it. The plot sort of loses its way. I do like the characters, so if I have time this week, I’ll finish it. But it is near the bottom of my list. Still, it is worth checking out. The writing is good, the cast is diverse, and the world setting is intriguing. If you don’t mind rambling plots, then this might be work for you.

24683898The Death of Dulgath (The Riyria Chronicles #3) by Michael J. Sullivan

I’m so disappointed with this book. I’m about three-quarters of the way through, and though I intend on finishing, the novel did not live up to my expectations. It’s too bad I’m not entirely happy with it because I even have a hardback edition I got via Mr. Sullivan’s Kickstarter campaign.

Maybe the end will turn it all around for me and I’ll think this is the best thing since sliced bread, but right now, I’m not feeling it. If you’ve read all his other books in the Riyria world setting, then you probably want to get this. Hadrian and Royce are great together and the writing is stellar, so this is still a good read. It just didn’t meet my expectations. I’ll be reviewing this for SFFWorld.com.

25205065Abendau’s Heir (Inheritance Trilogy #1) by Jo Zebedee

This is another one that just loses its plot about midway through. The writing is fine and I enjoy most of the characters, but unfortunately, the main character is not as sympathetic as I would like. It starts out really well though. Not sure if the ending makes up for the blah middle, but I do intend to try to finish this over the weekend. If I do, then I’ll be reviewing it for SFFWorld.com.

23251596Spire City (not sure which episode is next…) by Daniel Ausema

I started this series sometime in early 2015 (I think). Anyway, I really like it. A fantastically, secondary world setting, the cast is diverse and the characters are very sympathetic. You will cry and cheer for them. Unfortunately, Daniel’s original small publisher went under and I can’t figure out what I’ve read and not read! I’m pretty sure I’m on the third season, but the one I have on my kindle doesn’t actually say what season it is from. So, I think I might have gotten the wrong one (see Body Work above). I’ll probably just go straight to the author and get it all sorted out over the weekend. However, because of this, I won’t get to it until late in January.

œF$¿Æ‘$8Òò¤»däå¸R8BIFortune’s Pawn (Paradox #1) by Rachel Bach

I’ve meant to try Rachel Bach/Rachel Aaron’s work for some time now. So I finally bought this one but just haven’t gotten around to reading it. It’s gotten a lot of good ratings over on Goodreads so I trust I’ll like it, but I’ve also heard it’s got a bit a romance. I’m not completely adverse to romance, but if the romance tends to over-shadow the plot, I tend to shy away.

My review buddy, Rob Bedford, seems to enjoy Ms. Bach’s work so I hope I do, too.

25365292Ash & Flame Episode Three by Wilson Geiger

This is an apocalyptic serial by another writing buddy of mine. I enjoyed the first two episodes, but I got into the third just when I started traveling a lot (traveling and reading do not mix well for me). I plan on finishing this episode this week and starting up the next one.


2016 Reading List

Here are the books I’m looking forward to reading later in 2016 (not necessarily published in 2016).

  • The Fifth Season by N.K. Jemisin
  • Drake by Pete McLean
  • Assassin’s Fate by Robin Hobb
  • Beautiful Intelligence by Stephan Palmer
  • Fools Errant by Matthew Hughes

What are you hanging out to read?


7 thoughts on “On the Kindle

  1. Thanks for the mention!

    I’m reading Matthew Hughes’ “The Meaning of Luff” right now – my second of his, which I picked up because I enjoyed the first so much (“The Other”, one of my top reads of last year). It’s a collection of shorts following a charismatic recurring lead, the same as in “The Other”, and they’re all lots of fun so far.

    And I’m going off-genre a bit, but I just finished “Girl Waits With Gun”, a light/heavy historical crime novel by Amy Stewart that’s based on real events. Very good read, I enjoyed it loads.

    1. I do not *not* read off-genre, but it is very hard to fit it in. I just don’t read fast enough to go outside the SFF genre. I do try to fit in a non-fiction book in every now and then. Regardless, I’ll definitely check out GWWG.

  2. Thanks, Nila! Just an FYI, the omnibus edition of Ash & Flame’s first season should be out in the next couple of days, so let me know if you’d like a copy. 🙂

      1. Nope, I was going to release it last week, but there was just too much going on with the holidays. I’ll be packaging it up tonight, so it should be available tomorrow morning.

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