Ecotour Wrap-up

This is coming to you a little late, but better than never, right?

Thank you to all who contributed to the Kickstarter campaign for Ecotones, an anthology of fantasy and science fiction stories with an ecological bent.

The campaign was successful, which means all our up-front costs have been covered and 142 very awesome folks will be receiving the anthology soon. In addition, some will also get our past anthologies. I hope everyone is happy with the stories. I know I’ve enjoyed them all.

I am sad to announce that no one took us up on our $10 gift certificate drawing. All one had to do was tweet one of our Ecotour blog posts. Sadly, other than the contributing authors, no one did. Maybe I should give the gift certificate to one of them?

Regardless, here are the links to the stops on our Ecotour:

I urge you to visit each Ecotour stop. There’s some fun and poignant reading to be had at each one. I’m always interested in what inspires folks to write for a particular anthology; the answers are always surprising and may be a bit inspirational themselves.

Thanks again to all who participated, shared, and contributed to this year’s anthology.

Until next year, enjoy.



5 thoughts on “Ecotour Wrap-up

  1. There’s nothing quite like a humiliating climb down, is there? Ah well, I suggest you reward yourself with $10 worth of whatever you like, for having the idea four years back to do the first SFFWorld anthology. We’d be nothing without you!

    1. Thanks! I’ve never done a give-away and it was interesting to try. But, yeah, a little humiliating that no one took me up. I guess, $10 is *not* enough to get folks to tweet or share something. I’ll have to ramp it up to $50 next time.

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