MJS: Authors Helping Authors

For those of you who do not know Michael J Sullivan, stop what you are doing and go read his fantasy series: The Riyria Revelations and The Riyria Chronicles.

These series are a lot of fun. Good fantasy tales that will keep you turning the pages well into the night. No, his work is not grimdark or edgy. Mr. Sullivan just tells a story very well. His work is sure to entertain, even when he tackles modern-day social issues, like in Hollow World. I’ve been a fan for a while and you should join the ranks. He started out as a self-published author (sort of), but got picked up by Orbit.

However, while Orbit is producing his latest series, Mr. Sullivan’s original series is still in his hands. Recently, as part of his self-publishing efforts for the latest in his Riyria Chronicles series, The Death of Dulgath, Mr. Sullivan hosted a short story contest via his wildly popular Kickstarter campaign. The winner of the writing contest will be paid handsomely and their story will appear in his next book. Sort of an added bonus for his readers.

And a huge boost to whomever wins that coveted spot!

Of course, I decided to enter a story. As the deadline neared, I didn’t have time to write a new story for the contest, so I thought I wouldn’t enter at all. But then I figured, what the hell, go through the trunk. I chose my dragon story set in World War One.

And it made the first cut.


Me being me, I am tempted to pull the story from consideration. I mean, what if, against all odds, Mr. Sullivan picks my story? More than just my writer friends and a few random folks on the internet will read it!


I mean, I don’t want to embarrass Mr. Sullivan. Of course, if he’s picking it, he’ll be embarrassing himself, right? It wouldn’t be my fault? Right?


Excuse me. Had to hit my head against the desk.


I’m sure my story will not make the final cut, but it is nice to know that my opening lines piqued Mr. Sullivan’s interest. Not only that, by making the final round, I’ll be sure to get a critique on the story. I’m very much looking forward to that. I plan to take his (and his wife’s) advice to heart.

In the meantime, I’m going to revise my latest ghost story (part of a planned series) and finish two epic novels (one with a dragon, one without) that I’ve picked at for the past four years. My goal for the rest of the year is to finish two novels and one novella. It’s a tall order, but if I don’t shoot for the stars, I’ll never get there. Wish me luck!

Until later, submit everywhere. You never know when you’ll score a hit.


4 thoughts on “MJS: Authors Helping Authors

  1. Here I am wishing you luck on all fronts, Nila! Congrats on making the first cut. Now don’t sell yourself short because you’re an excellent writer. Is this the same story you posted on Wattpad awhile back?

    1. (gasp!) You’re right! I did post it there (well, at least the beginning). I just removed it. It had all of 12 views…

      How are you doing with your stories. I haven’t seen much from you lately. I suspect your son (he’s so cute) is taking up all your time.

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