Are you award worthy?

Yes, you are.

Okay, maybe not always, but I bet you have an award-winning story somewhere inside you just waiting to bust out! I bet.

The other day, out of the clear blue sky, a bird dropped into my lap, fluttered a little smile at me, and then took off (metaphorically speaking).

In actuality, Igor Ljubuncic posted in a thread on the Writer’s forum that his story, “The Girl with the Flaxen Hair”, in our anthology, Wars to End All Wars: Alternate Tales from the Trenches, had been nominated for an award. Specifically, for the Sidewise Award to be presented at the 73rd Annual World Science Fiction Convention on August 21st, 2015.

Exciting, right?

I know, it’s just an award. One I had never heard of until Igor mentioned it, but heck, it’s an award!

Whether Igor’s story wins in late August, this award-nomination has boosted my resolve. Sometimes, I think my anthology habit is a bit futile. But an award-nomination like this reminds me why I do it. I love reading stories, and I also love bringing them to you. If something I find touches another human being or inspires them to see the world in a different way or even just entertains them for a few moments, that’s worthy. And if someone wants to give us an award for it, so be it. Rest assured, I will continue to bring the world great stories. Better than that, I’m committed to bringing even better stories than the ones we have offered thus far.

Speaking of which…

Though I am not at the helm for the 2015 short story anthology, I am involved. And though you may have seen it else where, I’ll announce it here, too: We are slated for another great line up.

This year’s editor, Andrew Leon Hudson, has secured reprints from Caribbean-American author Tobias S. Buckell (Crystal Rain, Xenowealth) and South African author Lauren Beukes (Zoo City, Broken Monsters). In addition, we have an original commissioned piece in the works by none other than Ken Liu (The Grace of Kings)!

Amazing, right?

But wait, there’s more.

We also have twenty slots for more stories. Maybe your story can sit next to words written by Buckell, Beukes, and Liu. Wouldn’t that be something?

Check out the submission guidelines, create a forum user account, and submit your story. I want to read your potential award-winning story. And so do hundreds of other readers.

Yeah, we don’t offer much in the way of payment (token level), but you’ll get exposure!

Cool, right?

Okay, maybe not so much. I understand we all deserve to get paid for our work, but the only reason we can do these anthologies is because of everyone’s generosity. The sad fact is that anthologies just don’t sell like novels do (even bad novels).

So, are you worthy of an award? Absolutely!

(Just don’t ask to get paid for it. 😉 )

Until later,

Write like there’s someone waiting to hand you a Hugo.


2 thoughts on “Are you award worthy?

  1. Hmm… to give ‘er a go, or not… Okay, I’ll give it a shot! 🙂 Thanks Nila. Sorry to see you won’t be putting together this year’s anthology as I know you did a great job with the past two, but you deserve a break to deal with the rest of life!

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