Everyone is doing it

Might as well join in, right?

(I can hear my husband now, “Would you jump off a bridge if everyone was doing it?” Well…maybe. I mean, maybe they all discovered the water’s warm and it’s a lot of fun to jump off that bridge. It could happen!)

Yes, I’m starting a newsletter.

Go ahead. Sign up. You know you want to. (Because now you can stop waiting around here for me to post. 😉 )

Click here.

I won’t share your email address with anyone. Promise! And I won’t ever send more than one newsletter a week (and probably a lot less than that).

Here’s what you will get:

  • My publication announcements. Be the first to know when a new anthology is coming out or when I finally manage to finish a story worthy of your time!
  • Story snippets. Both from my collection and from the good writers over on SFFWorld.com. I’ve partnered up with writers like Pete McLean, Charlotte Ashley, Andrew Leon Hudson, Wilson Geiger and many more!
  • Free stuff. You like free stuff, right? Who doesn’t. Sign up for the chance to enter random drawings where you can win Amazon gift cards, hard-back editions, and brownies (like, real brownies).

Plus, you’ll get the story behind this image:


Until later, write like you’re going for the moon.

And check out Devenio Concepts! Their site isn’t up and running yet, but it will be soon. These guys are awesome. Sign on to their email list, too. You just might be interested in all the cool things they have to offer.


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