Unlikely Influences: What Lise Fracalossi learned about writing from LARPing

Great advice. Read it!

Kate Heartfield

Unlikely Influences is a series of weekly blog posts about how writers can learn the tricks of their trade in odd places. Most are from guest authors, but I’ll pop in from time to time too.

This week’s installment is by Lise Fracalossi.

Hardenstein 2014 - Adventurers.jpg “Hardenstein 2014 – Adventurers” by RalfHuels (photographer), Anja Arenz, Chris Kunz, Dossmo, Niamh, Paolo Tratzky, Svenja Schoenmackers / . Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

What I Learned About Writing From LARPing

by Lise Fracalossi

First, a brief definition, for those of you who haven’t seen the movie Role Models. LARPing (or larping) stands for live action roleplaying, or, what happens if you play D&D while wearing costumes.

I started out in the theater-style larp/interactive literature community, which involves short, one-shot games which feature people pointing index cards at each other. But I have recently graduated into playing live combat or “boffer” larps, which means I’m…

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