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Always good to remind ourselves what we should be attacking.


2 thoughts on “Shared from WordPress

  1. I could not disagree more strongly with this. Who appointed you judge, jury and executioner? Who chooses who is right and who is wrong? You? Rich? The mob?

    As soon as you used the word ‘attack’, I lost all sympathy. That pizza place wasn’t attacking anyone. They simply held to their beliefs. Is it only acceptable to uphold your beliefs when you’re on the ‘right’ side? And which side would that be?

    Honestly, I’m pretty disgusted with this whole thing. Over half the Union has similar laws in place. Our federal government has similar laws in place. No one jumped all over Clinton for this. And no one’s jumping all over Obama for dealing with Iran, who regularly punishes gays, and much more severely than this pizza shop ever did.

    1. Ah, yes, “attacking” may have been the wrong word to use…I think discussing or arguing may be better. Or rather, folks should be discussing these issues rather than attacking each other.

      Now to your other comments:

      Indeed, who appointed me judge, jury, and executioner? Who appointed that couple those roles?

      Here’s how I see it: When offering a public service, one should be held accountable to our laws. Obviously, that couple can hold to their beliefs, but why should that preclude them from providing pizza to a random customer? What if their belief told them all women were property and could not hold any property for themselves (thus, no money)? Would they then refuse any money from a woman because what she was doing (owning property) was wrong? What if they believed any woman having sex outside of marriage was wrong? Would they refuse pizza to…well…pretty much most unmarried adult women in the U.S. today? Wouldn’t that be “wrong” or, at the very least, sexist?

      Basically, what I do not like, is the institutionalization of discrimination. And I believe writing laws that allow people to run their public business like a private institution will lead to discrimination.

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