Spiffy evolution coins

This artist drew the awesome dragon image I use for all my dragon stories (I paid for it!). I didn’t realize she did other kinds of art. Check out these amazing coins.

Why Evolution Is True

Sandara Tang is an artist in Singapore who specializes in fantasy artwork, but also reports that she is an avid reader of this site (and my book), and was in part inspired by them to create some large coins or medallions in honor of Darwin and evolution.  And so she has. Sandara has produced two coins, one in red and the other in amber, and she sent me one of each. My photos of the two are below; they are solid bronze with enamel overlay, and are very beautiful:


You can buy these, and other coins and artwork from Sandara, at her etsy shop, “sandara3”. Here is her description, which for some reason I couldn’t cut and paste, so I included a screenshot.

Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 3.04.31 PM

My photo of the back of the red coin:


I suspect they’ll sell out, as there are a limited number of them, but at only $17.90 (plus shipping) they’re a bargain, and, as…

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