Another short story from Lucky or Unlucky

Over on, we are featuring yet another story from the anthology Lucky or Unlucky? 13 Stories of Fate.


Head on over to read Thirteen Bullets by Andrew Leon Hudson for a western tale liberally dashed with violence, mayhem, and bad luck.

Joe Bellow opens the door with my face, not quite fast enough that I can’t take the blow on my cheek and save a broken nose. I get a row of splinters that I can just see from the corner of my eye, rising tall and thick and brown from my skin like the towers of Monument Valley.

He turns me round and pushes me into a creaking seat by the sheriff’s desk. All my weight comes down on my fists, crushed into the gap between chair and ass. Something pops and one of my fingers folds in a new direction across the palm. That hurts, yes, but not as much as it might. Bellow tied my wrists so tightly my hands are probably cold and blue right now.

“Huh,” he says when he sees how my beautiful looks aren’t quite ruined yet, then swings a big fist and—bam—that’s my nose after all, and it hurts like a third eye opening for the first time in the middle of my face, stabbed by the light. Between that and the egg still growing on the back of my skull from yesterday’s pistol whipping, I’d just as soon be elsewhere.

Read the rest here!

If you like Thirteen Bullets, please consider purchasing the entire anthology at these online venues:

First year’s proceeds go to the Children’s Hospice!

You might also like our newest collection, Wars To End All Wars, that happens to have another excellent story by Mr. Hudson.


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