Public Service Announcement:

I’ve been hacked.

More specifically, my email account has been hacked. If I know you, then you probably received a suspicious email from me (a single link).

Don’t click that link!

If you do, some spammy spammer somewhere will laugh with maniacal glee.

I’m doing my best to fix the problem, but the easy fixes (change my email password – done so – twice! – and scan my computer for viruses – done!) are not fixing it.

So, I may have to go nuclear and kill my email address.

I’ll keep you posted (and will actually get back to posting soon).

13 thoughts on “Hacked

    1. Ug – you said it. The thought of moving over six or more years worth of emails does not sound like how I want to spend my evening. 😦

      Thanks for the hope. I’ll need it!

  1. Actually this sounds more like someone is spoofing the mail address. Since changing passwords didnt stop them. They can’t access your email, but can send emails from any address they like.
    Compare the IP address their mail is coming from to your mail server to make sure, but this is much more likely. Contact your service provider and tell them, it is possible that they have been hacked…

    1. Hmmm, that sounds interesting. But – I have a gmail.com account. I’ve notified Google. They said I may or may not hear back from them but that they would look into it. Somehow, though, I doubt I’ll get a direct response from them.

  2. I suspect hackers are mining email repositories to get a collection of names and email addresses. My guess is that this is not coming from your PC or even directly from your email account but from intermediate nodes somewhere along the line where the email temporarily stored.

    I see it fairly often and I do not think that in most cases it is a sign that the account or your PC has been compromised.

    So, good to check everything but there may be nothing to find within the realm you control. The :hack” may have occurred somewhere in the cloud.

    These days, they just send a link which hopefully most people know not to click on. Some day, they will get more clever and send emails that look more like real emails. That will be problematic…

    1. Regardless of whether I have control over it or not, it sure makes me look like a dweeb.

      Thanks for the clarification and information. I think most of us really do not understand how email deliver happens.

      Funny enough, I used to get those sorts of emails all the time from my family – years ago. I used to just ignore them. Eventually, they went away. I figured the sender figured it out and did something to fix their account, but maybe not.

      I just wish it would go away. I’m afraid to log into my account!

  3. By the way, you are not a dweeb for struggling with this. There is entirely too much to know these days. The real dweebs work for my company and saddled me with a way under-powered tablet for my job.

  4. That really sucks. It happened to me too after having used a public computer at an internet cafe in India somewhere. I didn’t even know until my friend told me that I kept sending him viruses. I had to close the account an open a new one.

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