Last week, I got tagged by the wonderful Emmie Mears in a blog hop. Go check her out, she’s cool and she’s got a book coming out soon from Harlequin E!

So, what’s this blog hop all about? you may ask. And I may answer, something as important as air and water to writers: the writing process.

Of course, like all bodies of water and air, the writing process is varied and mysterious. Let’s explore mine!

1) What are you currently working on?

A science fiction story about a woman given the chance to start a new species but chooses to save an old one instead.

2) How does your work differ from others in the genre?

I write from the perspective of a minority, and I try to infuse my fiction with the diversity of characters I see every day in my life.

3) Why do you write what you write?

The dog will eat me.

4) How does your process work?

It doesn’t.

Eek! I shouldn’t admit that, huh?

I have managed to write three books. Two of which were about the same character, his story just kept changing! However, I wouldn’t say any of those efforts are worthy of your time to read them. So, detailing how I went about writing them probably isn’t all that helpful.

I’m still learning, but I do know that a combination of outlining my story and allowing the characters to interact and find their own path is the way that works best for me now.

But that’s just me – an unsuccessful writer. You might want to check out these folks (listed below) who happen to have gotten it right.

Until next time, write well.