Challenges aglore

Howdy Folks,

It has been quiet in my neck of the cyber-woods lately. And it will likely be quieter for the remainder of April. I have a few pre-planned posts that will go up later this week, but otherwise, I will not be around.

If you are sitting there completely bummed out about that and want more to read and/or do, check out these interesting challenges:

100 Happy Days

Can you be happy for 100 days in a row?

That’s the central premise of this challenge. You sign up, then chronicle the things in your life that make you happy – each day for 100 days. Why do it? Why not? Get your family involved and I’m sure it could be fun.

Blogging from A to Z – April 2014

A little late for this, but I’m sure you can make it up. The idea is that every day of the month of April is assigned a letter of the alphabet (i.e., today’s the 7th, so today’s letter is ‘G’). Pick a topic starting with that letter, then write a post and publish on the appropriate day.

I think there’s a Sunday or two you can take off, but essentially the challenge is to blog each day of April.

Ask Me Stuff

Enjoy the crazy answers from Aussa and Angelle in their series of vblogs.

H/T to Rarasaur – the best dinosaur on the internet.

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