The Ring Goes South

Weapons prepared

Nine travel to south, through

Caradhras’ snowy pass

Want to read The Fellowship of the Ring in Haiku format?  Of course, you do! Check out these posts:

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More coming soon: The Fellowship of the Ring Haiku Project.

11 thoughts on “The Ring Goes South

    1. The banner image is part of the theme’s header. I can upload as many headers as I want, and then have it randomly choose a header image from the ones I’ve uploaded to the header section. Look under Appearance –> Header. I’ve only got four uploaded at the moment, but I mean to add more. Does that help?

      1. Yeah, I was the victim of circumstance! This morning when I went over to check out your haiku (which hadn’t posted yet) It was a full moon, and then when you posted and it linked to me I headed over to read it and it was like a sunrise/sunset over a suburb or something, so I thought it was changing according to the time of day, like it does on the weather sites and elsewhere. Now I see what’s going on. 🙂

    1. Oh, thank you! I really find these difficult. I’m going to keep trying and get these to me more lyrical and visual. Hard to do when ya got to get the plot across, too! You should join us! We still have the last book to do. The schedule is up if you want to sign up (over on Laith’s blog). 🙂

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