Something for the Weekend

I’ll be out and about on Saturday, but if you are around – check it out! (Not sure on the timing given this originates in the UK.)


I can’t help you do NaNoWriMo, but there is one thing I can definitely help you with: not doing NaNoWriMo.

You know those people corporations hire, efficiency experts? I’m the opposite of that. My area of expertise is procrastination. And here is the perfect thing to help you not get your 1,666 words done tomorrow…

I mentioned WritersWebTV already on this site. Based out of Dublin, WritersWebTV holds day-long seminars that are broadcast live online, featuring well-known names and a wealth of valuable information. You can watch them live for free, or purchase them to download and watch whenever you like.

I tuned in to the most recent one on crime-writing, listening to Jane Casey and Declan Burke, and I picked up some tips that have definitely been changing my writing life, slowly but surely, for the better.

Tomorrow, though, comes the big one: Getting Published, featuring Carole…

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