Random Post

Yes, I am missing a ‘rule’ post this week. I was doing pretty good there for a while, but now I’m back to my bad habits. Don’t worry, I’ll get back on the wagon, but today let’s see what everyone else is talking about.

Monty Python Rules – Forever

H/T: The Open Window

It’s that time of year again – Are You Ready?

Yes, it’s NaNoWriMo again. I wasn’t going to blog about National November Writing Month until October. It just seems like jumping the gun to start pounding the drums so early (sort of like Christmas music before Thanksgiving). But blogger D. D. Syrdal beat me to it.

So, are you ready?

Review Hell

What is it about the relationship between reviewers/readers and authors/publishing industry? It seems that every year there is a dust-up somewhere about the misbehavior on the part of reviewers and/or authors/publishers. Over on Staffer’s Book Review, Mr. Justin Landon argues that we are all one and the same. And some of the comments over on a GoodReads discussion about their new review policy just makes me shudder. You know, if we all just treated each as we would want to be treated…the world would be a better place.


4 thoughts on “Random Post

  1. That Monty Python trailer is hilarious. Even with the ‘serious’ treatment, I still can’t see Michael Palin as anything other than a complete goofball 😉

    So this is the first year I’m prepping ahead of time for NaNo, we’ll see how much of a difference it makes when the rubber meets the road. Normally I’m a total pantser.

    1. Eek! I just realized I misspelled your name. Fixed!

      That trailer is epic, huh? I had a huge grin on my face through it all. I think this shows two things: 1) Monty Python is timeless and 2) trailers can be like magic. Turning a comedy into an adventure? Amazing.

      I usually use NaNoWriMo to finish a WiP. I may do that again this year and I’ve already outlined the whole story. Just got to write it!

  2. Good survey of random topics 🙂

    On the Goodreads policy change, while I’m not very active there I am aware of at least one author that was severely hounded by reviewers over things not related to her book. I think the new policy might be partly in response to her experience and, frankly, well justified from what I understand of the situation.

    In the end, anything on the web, including blog posts and book reviews has an element of attention seeking to it and the negative gets more attention than the positive. When looking for a book, I prefer the balanced reviews but if I come across a widely panned book, I confess I often spend extra time reading the negative reviews if the ‘snarkiness’ factor is good.

    1. Snarkiness is fine. But I’ve seen folks attack authors relentlessly. GoodRead’s policy seems fine to me. Not that they should start to pull stuff without notifying folks, but there is nothing wrong with being civil. There’s no excuse for some of the behavior on the site but that goes for the internet in general (or the world, for that matter). It is just sad that it is needed.

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