Yes, folks, it really does exist:

Welcome! Come on in to my humble hobbit home.
Welcome! Come into my humble hobbit home.

And, yes, that is me poking my head out of a hobbit home in Hobbiton, New Zealand.

My husband and I are in Matamata, North Island, New Zealand for the next two weeks. Imagine my content surprise when I realized that Hobbiton was only a bus ride away. I don’t care that it cost $75NZ to get in. It was worth it. And so was the overpriced swag at the gift shop.

Though Biblo’s home was awesome to visit, the Green Dragon was the highlight of the trip for me. I had me some hard cider and an amazing scone beneath the eyes of a green dragon.

The Green Dragon at the Green Dragon Inn
The Green Dragon at the Green Dragon Inn

I have more pictures of this amazing movie set and will post when I get back.

Have an incredible journey,



15 thoughts on “Hobbiton

  1. Very cool! My boys and I are jealous.

    What’s the quality of the sets like? Is it pretty sturdy or more typical “minimum needed to do a shoot” that most sets are?

    1. Actually, they are quite good. The Green Dragon is a fully functioning pub. They rent it out for events. I might have to make up some special occasion to warrant renting it out.

      After the LOTRs, the plan was to remove the set pieces, but rains kept the crews away. Those intrepid Kiwis thought to start some tours with the deteriorating remains of the set. So, when they came back to reuse the location for the Hobbit, they made it a bit more permanent so they can continue the tours. Or something like that. Anyway, the whole thing is very well done.

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