Happy Martin Luther King’s Day, Everyone!

I am happy to announce that I finally got The End: Visions of Apocalypse FREE on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords. Woohoo!

In celebration of that technical feat (okay, I just had to click on the right setting), I and several other participating authors are doing a blog tour. We’ll each present our readers with an excerpt, and then tell you why we are sharing it. So, here’s a bit of a story I want to share with you today. Enjoy!

I made it home in the end. Home was my office, above a Chinese pawnbrokers. At least I had my own front door at street level, with my own sign on it and everything. The sign said “Don Drake, Hieromancer,” in nice big gold letters. Well it had done, anyway – some wag had spray-painted out the world “Hieromancer” and written “wanker” underneath it instead.

From The Last Hand by Pete McLean in The End: Visions of Apocalypse

I’m sharing this with you, because “wanker” caught me off guard when I first read the passage above and it just cracked me up. I could see the letters scrawled on the sign, and the thing is, this isn’t our first introduction of Drake. This is a bit into the story and, frankly, he is a wanker! I could easily see his neighbor doing that to his sign after some trouble Drake brought home got out of hand. I think the author did an excellent job of painting Drake’s world, and the rest of the story delivers an entertaining, surreal tale of magic and mayhem in the heart of London.

If you would liked to read The Last Hand, and other great stories, check out The End: Visions of Apocalypse. Go on, it’s free!

Oh, something else to share! Today, The End is the number one free science fiction anthology on Amazon! Can you believe it? There must be some slim pickings…😉


This is a blog tour, so if you’d like to read more excerpts, please follow along. Check out Wilson Geiger‘s blog next week for more!

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