Show me the money

I follow Jim C. Hines and he has a habit of showing off in more ways than one.

You may know him from his books or equally from his antics highlighting ridiculous poses women are contorted into on genre book covers.

He also provides another great service to new writers: he posts his sales figures.

Raw data, folks, can’t beat it.

5 thoughts on “Show me the money

  1. Not famiilar with Jim C. Hines and on my first visit to your blog, but found this an interesting little article. The link to the full detailed analysis of a published authors income a real insight. As you say ‘raw data’ priceless! I’m beginning to love blogging, you just never know what you are going to find behind an eye catching gravatar image left on another bloggers page!

    1. Very true! I love blogging for that reason. I’ve met some amazing people and, after four years, have learned quite a bit from the blogging community. Welcome! 🙂

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