The End

Is here!

The End - Visions of Apocalypse

Announcing the release of The End: Visions of Apocalypse, an anthology presented by members. Including twelve stories that detail various depictions of the end of the world, the anthology features the work of Michael J. Sullivan, Hugh Howey, Tristis Ward, and nine other writers, all with their own apocalyptic visions. From grim destruction to tragic suffering, and even humor, no version of the Earth is safe.

Now available through Smashwords. Coming soon to Amazon, and other online e-book retailers.

List of stories and authors:

  • Julia’s Garden by Michael Aaron
  • Silver Sky by Liam Baldwin
  • Empty Nest by R. F. Dickson
  • Tick by Wilson Geiger
  • Relapse by Norman Gray
  • Executable by Hugh Howey
  • Fly the Moon to Me by Stephen “B5” Jones
  • Sacrifice by G. L. Lathian
  • Let’s See What Tomorrow Brings by Igor Ljubuncic
  • The Last Hand by Pete McLean
  • Burning Alexandria by Michael J. Sullivan
  • Mother and Child by Tristis Ward

I am very happy to share the work of these great authors. And I am equally happy that they allowed me to do it.

I’ve had a great time learning what it is an anthology compiler/editor does. With the help of Chris Mitchell, Rob Garbin, Michael J. Sullivan, Chris Geiger and more, I now know that an editor’s job includes a host of tasks that someone like me can easily screw up. I’m sure I failed on some of them, but I also managed to hit the mark on enough of those tasks to present you with an 47,000-word anthology.

Get your copy now before the world ends.

(Well, actually, get it before we rack up the price to a full 99 cents on the 21st of December, 2012. 😉 )

To celebrate, here’s a cool video. (The video has nothing to do with the anthology, but it fits my mood.)

Be sure to check out how they did it.


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