‘Tis the Season

Of gift giving!

Whether you practice Chanukah, observe Ramadan, give Kwanzaa Zawzadi, do the Diwali thing (okay, we missed that back in October), celebrate the Chinese New Year (and that’s not until February, but close enough for me) or just plain U.S. American – this time of year often means gift-giving.

You may be hankering for a new video game, or a new bike, or maybe you have your eyes on the Hoyt Formula Ion-X Recurve Riser! Regardless of what toys you are gently hinting about to your relatives and friends, you are undoubtedly creating a list of gifts to give as well.

Those are hard, huh? I have a heck of time coming up with gifts ideas. I am not good at it. It never occurs to me to note what brand of shoes my sister bought back in June while I happened to be visiting. I’ve done the Kiva thing in the past, but that didn’t go over so well. While I give to charities throughout the year, I’ve learned that at this time of year People want Stuff.

But, just what do you get your great-aunt, once removed? Or your 4-year-old nephew who has every game on the planet? What about…dare I say it…what about getting them a book? What about your book?

If you haven’t noticed, this is probably the only time of year when spamming your wares is (somewhat) acceptable. And isn’t it nice that Mr. John Scalzi, a popular science fiction author, has created a space where you can do that? Check out his posts here (for Traditionally published work), here (for non-traditionally published work), and here (other stuff).

Make sure to follow Mr. Scalzi’s directions on self-promoting your book and good luck!



4 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season

    1. Thanks! Which one are you referring to? The elegant grunge?

      I’ve tried on several today. Still looking for a new one. May not end up with something else. I tried the balloon one, which I liked a lot, but it was hard to read.

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