Writing Update 2012-9

Just a few quick announcements:

The End is near.

Seriously. The SFFWorld.com submission contests are complete! We have nine excellent stories to publish along with a story each from Hugh Howey, Michael J. Sullivan, and Tristis Ward. Woohoo! Now all I have to do is figure out how to ePublish them properly AND promote the anthology.

A Knife and A Quill

A flash fiction piece of mine is up on A Knife and A Quill. Check it out and then take a gander at all the great content on AKAQ. They offer free fiction, author interviews, and other fun content for genre writers. Enjoy!

My First Novel

I finished the third draft of my novel re-write (that had in turn gone through a few rounds of revision). And, it looks sort-of like a novel now. I mean, when the 300+ pages were put on the counter of my local Staples copy center, I was taken aback.

That’s not mine, is it? That looks like…that looks like a manuscript of a book!

woohoo (Photo credit: fragility_v2)

It does not read great. Not even good, but I honestly think folks will recognize it as a novel and not some hashed up attempt at one. Woohoo!

It is now in the hands of an editor I hired. I don’t care what happens next. At the moment, I am happy.

Flash Fic Written in a Flash

For Costumed Curses. The dear Kristin McFarland held a flash contest while everyone was looking the other way. Sadly, she only got two entries – one of which is mine!

I didn’t really have time to write it. I think I dashed it out in about half an hour, and now I can’t make myself re-read it. I know it is horrible. Poor Ms. McFarland. She will be forced to actually consider my piece for a prize*.

I should have announced it here, just to get other writers visiting the site. She might have gotten a few more entries from you lot…right?

That’s all the news from my neck of the woods. Until later, write spooky.

*Kristin, if you read this, don’t feel bad if you just want to ignore my entry. I understand. Really, I do. Well, maybe not. I mean…this might be the only chance I’ll ever get to win a prize! Please?


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