Review Trenches

"Study drawing shows the allegorical figu...

If you have noticed an absence here, it is because I’ve been busy reading.

I have a confession: I’m a slow reader.

I like to settle into a soft chair, or under the covers in bed, and savor imaginary worlds authors create for me. That means I don’t read for pleasure on my computer, sitting (or kneeling as I am wont to do) upright at attention. Both body and mind must be relaxed for me to settle into a book or short story. Because of my peculiarities, it just takes me a while to find time and space for reading.

Last month, I realized there was no way I was going to finish all my writing and book review tasks unless something gave. Sadly, it means this blog has fallen off my priority list. I’m sure the world has rocked from its foundations because of this, but, heck, it has managed to adjust around the calamity of my departure and even appears to be thriving.


Anyway, expect reduced posts from me until I’ve cleared the back log.

In the meantime, read this: A word of warning to reviewers who moonlight as writers or vice versa.

8 thoughts on “Review Trenches

      1. Haha, I realise that could have been read two ways. What I mean is I miss it when you don’t post.

  1. Uh … I’ll just miss the lovely nude art you _constantly_ post… 😉 (Seriously though: blogging is great, but actual writing and reading is more important!)

    1. First of all – what’s wrong with nude art?

      Second – constantly? Come on, this is my first. Isn’t it?

      And third – yes, writing and reading are priority at the moment. Alas, blogging involves both those things, but not. 🙂

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