A Grand Notion: The Denouncer

I can hear you now.

What?! She hasn’t even finished writing her damn book, and she’s featuring it on her blog? How lame.

Well, it is my blog, so I can be lame if I want to. Plus, I don’t really have anything else prepared to post so…

The grand notion behind The Denouncer, my first novel, evolved over a year. I wrote a flash fiction piece that featured a girl with wings sprouting from her back, and I just couldn’t leave the snippet of world I envisioned for her alone. However, that girl, that character, wasn’t one that I felt very much attached to. Rather, it was an imaginary observer of her that caught my attention, and he happens to be a lot like me in one important aspect: He’s an atheist.

More importantly, he’s an atheist living in a world ruled by religion.

Meet Andrés Daniel Cruz:

Okay, actually, that’s Félix Gómez, the Spanish actor, and my character has green eyes, but that’s how I imagine Andrés.

So, what is it about this character that has put me through years (yes, years) of torture trying to tell his story?

First of all, I’ve come to realize that it is my story, more or less. Obviously, I don’t live in fifteenth century Spain, nor am I a biologist. And I’m female, not male. And I’ve never met a winged creature that could be mistaken for an angel or a demon. But, regardless, Andrés and I are very much alike. Though I don’t believe in a “higher power”, I like to think I stand on morally high ground, and I feel deeply for the loved ones in my life, though I keep them at arm’s-length.

In The Denouncer, my aim is to show how one person’s independent thinking changes the quality of their life and the decisions they make, and how those decisions ripple out to affect the world in ways we can’t begin to imagine. I also wanted to show the horrid ways we treat each other simply because we believe differently. My hope is that the reader will recognize something of themselves in my characters, and remember that despite the differences in our beliefs, we are all human. Though the truth of that statement seems self-evident, sometimes it takes fiction to ingrain the idea into our heads.

Well, that’s the gist of my story. I sincerely hope the results will match my intentions. That may not end up being the case, but I’ll try.

Until later, write well.

8 thoughts on “A Grand Notion: The Denouncer

  1. Somebody said/wrote somewhere that all authors essentially write their own story, just in many different ways. As time goes by I am more and more convinced that this is true.

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