Writing Update 2012-8

I haven’t done this in a while and I can’t think of anything better to write, so here it goes!

English: Cover of the fantasy fiction magazine...
English: Cover of the fantasy fiction magazine Avon Fantasy Reader no. 3 (1947). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I finished the second draft of The Denouncer, my low-fantasy, somewhat historical novel. I’m much happier with this version than the mess I called Devil’s Blood, that took me two years to accomplish after several iterations. Whatever the true number of drafts, it still needs work. I’m letting it sit for a while, then I will print out and take a red pen to it. I’ve never printed the beast before – ever. Since it has grown to over 100,000 words, I dearly hope it doesn’t break my printer. After my red pen edits, I’ll have a third draft of the story that I think I’ll feel comfortable putting up on Critters.org. I think. We’ll see.

I’ve finished the rough (very rough) synopsis of La Murciélaga (tentative title), the second book of my Lorena Libre trilogy (yes, the seven book series that morphed into a duology is now a trilogy), and will be going over the synopsis with my writing coach this evening. I’m also happy with the overall story arc of this second book, but there’s still a lot of room for improvement. I’m hoping that bouncing ideas around with my writing coach will produce something as awesome as the outline for my Dragon’s Jewel novel (haven’t even looked at it since the beginning of the year – sigh).

Short Stories

Not much happening in this arena. My flash fiction piece titled The Clucking Bride did not go over too well on Critters.org. No one really liked it. I revised it based on a few suggestions and sent it off to another editor who promptly rejected it. I’m gonna let this puppy lie for a bit (read: into the trash bin it goes).

I don’t feel like I have another short story in me that has to get out this year, so I may just concentrate on novel-writing for the rest of the year.

The End Anthology

Except, of course, the anthology I’m putting together on behalf of the writers on the SFFWorld.com forum! This effort is going splendidly. As the deadline looms (early December, 2012), I’ll be bugging authors and artists for final versions. There’s a lot of planning to get this out right, and I’m gearing up for it. Wish me luck!

Until next time, write well.

(Oh, and the image is purely random, but I like it! 🙂 )

4 thoughts on “Writing Update 2012-8

  1. Exciting to finish a draft! Good luck with it. You’re keeping very busy. I can’t seem to juggle more than one writing exercise at a time; I get consumed by the current one.

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