Getting me some nookie

Now, do you think the marketing gurus at Barns and Noble realized how close in the modern dictionary (i.e., Google) ‘nook’ was to ‘nookie’ (alternate spelling: nooky)?

I’m sure that didn’t escape them. Because, as we all know, sex sells everything. Right?

Well, not in my case.

When I first heard the name for Barns and Noble’s version of an eReader, designed to compete with the Kindle, that’s the first thing I thought. Why would they call it nook? Like, I’m gonna curl up in some secluded corner and, um, well…read erotica? I just couldn’t imagine buying something called nook. It sounded too much like nookie. I thought everyone would think the same thing I thought…

Okay, so I have a dirty mind. I’m sure that’s not what 99.9% of folks think when they consider buying the Nook, but that’s this buyer’s  (dim) logic. And so the first eReader I bought was Amazon’s Kindle – the $79 version. This one has the wonderfully soothing e-ink display, but no screen touch capabilities and I didn’t like the clicky-click of the buttons. But the one thing I really didn’t like about it was that you couldn’t read in the dark with it.

Having spent the past two years reading on my iPhone via the Kindle and Stanza apps, reading in the dark has become a key feature in any eReader I would consider. Because while I read, hubby could sleep none the wiser. So, though I could have upgraded to the Kindle Touch, why do that when what I needed  was the ability to read in the dark. That would require getting the Kindle Fire and that’s not what I wanted. I wanted an eReader with the e-ink technology, but with a built-in book light.

And lo and behold, Barns and Noble answered my wish with the Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight.

(cue celestial music)

That’s my new Nook!

I haven’t named it (apparently, some folks name their eReaders), but I did buy a nice, bright red cover for it ($19 at Staples).

And I can buy books (from Barns and Noble), and upload all my eBooks (in ePUB or PDF format – a snap to convert anything I have that’s DRM free via the Calibre eBook management software). Note below the two ARCs I’ve downloaded from Angry Robot’s Army program. And the title labeled with ‘Microsoft Word’? That’s a free short story I pulled off an author’s website. I can now have all my eBooks in one spot (versus spread out on various apps).

A nifty feature of the Nook (and, I’m sure, the Kindle as well) is the screen saver customization. I finally have the perfect platform for all my New Zealand waterfall pictures!

And another:

So far, I love my Nook. I’ve only been using it for half a week, but I’m carrying it with me everywhere I go (it’s super light). And, yes, I’ve used the Glowlight feature every night.

Everyone in our household is getting their much needed sleep, and some nookie.

Happy Reading. 😉

10 thoughts on “Getting me some nookie

  1. Huh. I always thought of the episode of “Wayne’s World” where their special guests Aerosmith were waiting up in the breakfast nook, and they kept cutting to the “nook cam” to check on them. Also, I’m a fan of English muffins, with those nooks and crannies. I shudder to think of what images that commercial brought to your mind.

    1. I think it had to do with the fact that ‘nook’ implies a *place* to me and they were calling a thing, a device by the same name. Just didn’t jive in my head, I guess.

  2. It didn’t conjure up ideas of sex at all for me. In British English, as your poster above said, we have the phrase “nooks and crannies” meaning shaded corners (nook) or a sheltered opening in rock (cranny).

    Even using that definition I don’t see why B&N called their device the Nook though.

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