We are all connected

In more ways than we really are not all that far apart in the familial sense (that’s why I married someone literally from the other side of the planet). No one wants to marry their cousin (I hope), so it’s a good idea to look far and wide when choosing a mate. It has proven well for our species so far, and I’m sure it will continue to do so in the future. But that’s not the case in the world of blogging.

Without connections, we are left to float in the vast void of the internet, never to be seen or read. You’ll be shouting, but if no one can hear you, do you exist?

What to do?

From Mr. Brewer’s 25 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic‘s ninth tip, we find the answer:

Provide links. Link well and link often. Link to your own blog content. Link to the other sources of information across the Internet. Link, link, link. That said, make sure the links are relevant and helpful for your readers. If you link to bad information or information that’s not relevant to your blog post, that will leave a sour taste in your readers’ mouths.

Though providing appropriate links do take time, they are worth it. And it is quite alright to link back to your own content. Incestuous, I know, but it’s okay. It’s only your blog. (Okay, so maybe that analog isn’t working so well…)

Links from your content to other awesome content on the web, builds what are called ‘pingbacks‘, and for legacy blog systems, ‘trackbacks‘. These two leave verifiable cookie crumbs that lead right back to (gasp!) your blog!

Blog on, and may the links be with you.

2 thoughts on “We are all connected

  1. And of course, commenting on the content of other people’s blogs get you noticed… like this:

    Come see my blog, it’s really awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I know. When are we self-promoting and when are we not? Does *everything* I (we) do have to have that (friggin) self-promotional slant? Even when we’re not thinking of it?

      Since these particular posts are about increasing blog traffic, then, yeah, I guess so.

      (I’ll come check you out. 😉 )

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