The spice of life

BLOG IDEAS (Photo credit: owenwbrown)

Is variety, no?

We want to follow the herd. It’s safer that way. Not likely to get taken out by the stalking hyenas or lions, but we aren’t likely to get noticed either. And in the world of blogging, attention is the game.

Remember? That’s why I’m doing this series; a review of Mr. Brewer’s 25 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic!

Here’s his eighth tip:

Blog different. While it’s good to use successful blogs as a model for your own blogging efforts, readers are looking for unique voices. If your blog is all about sports (for instance), maybe you can blog about a specific team or city or region. Or dedicate it to the players who aren’t the “stars” of the sport, but who probably still have fans who are starved for information about their favorite players.

This ties into Mr. Brewer’s fifth and sixth piece of advice; be sincere on your blog and create a niche within your subject of interest, respectively. If after being sincere about your personality and blogging on a specific subject in your field, you still find your blog posts reading a lot like your friends, try taking a different angle. As Mr. Brewer suggests, stop writing about the “stars” and check out what the grunts are doing. You just might connect with a few of ’em.


4 thoughts on “The spice of life

  1. Good point here. Specialists are fascinating and specialists in esoterica are even more fascinating. Somebody who is a total nutcase to the extent that they have an all-consuming passion regarding their area of expertise is bound to be interesting. Would be hard to live with, probably, but well worth reading once or twice a week.

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