Hello Readers,

My apologies for not visiting your blog recently; I have been away on vacation! I tried to get through the backlog yesterday, and will continue to do so this morning, however, I suspect that I will have missed something great you’ve written. Fear not. I’ll be there for your next masterpiece.

In my absence, I got two awards. (Hmmm, maybe that’s telling me something…)

Illuminating Blogger Award

An award for “illuminating, informative blog content”, I got this award from W.S. Johnson of wsj2day, a poetic, photographic blog. I started following wsj2day because of his great photos of everyday objects like ducks, geese, and park structures. He pairs his photos with interesting quotes that never fail to get me thinking.

As per the rules, I am to share one random thing about myself (I’m 5-foot tall), nominate five others (see below), and notify those I awarded (will do right after I publish this post).

Five Illuminating Bloggers:

  1. Laith’s Ramblings – for his interesting and thought-provoking quotes
  2. Broadside – for her awesome posts about big-time writing
  3. Procrastin8or’s World of Words – for his “over the pond” perspective on the writing industry and book reviews
  4. Fantasy in Motion – for his cartoons and instructive posts on fantasy map making
  5. Tracking the Words – a yearly cycle – for her inspirational and informative posts

Reader Appreciation Award

I also just received a wonderful award from eternal Domnation. Is this not the best award ever?

An award where we get to say thank you to our readers has to be the best. Because, though we are all writers, we were all readers first. Writing is a two-way street and it is nice to show our appreciation to our readers. As per the rules, I am to nominate six of my top readers and mention what I have been up to recently. I’ll use my top commenters on this blog to ascertain who’s to receive this award from me (with a few tweaks). I know that not everyone who reads has the time or inclination to comment, but I have no other way to gauge who’s my biggest fan. (I can’t believe I just wrote that. Forgive me.)

Awesome Readers to Receive the Reader Appreciation Award:

  1. Learco Finck of Learning the Magic of Words
  2. FrizzText of Flickr Comments by FrizzText
  3. Todd Newton of Initial Draft
  4. Procrastin8or of World of Words
  5. Emmie Mears
  6. S.M. Williams of The Blue Candle Society

I am up to my usual: working, reading, writing, re-writing, and procrastinating with the best of ’em.

Thank you to all who visit this blog.