Yapping with authors

Never leads to where I think it will.

When we read a book, we form certain ideas about the characters, the world setting, and, even, about the author. I’ve seen it said that a good book is the amalgamation of the writer’s words and the reader’s imagination. The thing is, the two may not see eye to eye.

When I started to do author interviews for SFFWorld.com, I thought it would be fun and I’d get a chance to gush over my favorite authors. And it is all that, but I also get to learn things. Check out my interview with the phenomenally patient and talented writer Mike Shevdon, and you’ll see what I mean.

I’ve also gotten a chance to work with Hugh Howey on an upcoming project. He’s an indie writer who is making it big. Like, Hollywood big. Like, Ridley Scott big (no, Wool is nothing like Fifty Shades of Grey!). And the man still makes time to write to each and every one of his fans – including me. A very gracious fellow that I will try to emulate.

(No, I don’t think I’ll ever achieve his success. He was that gracious before his success and it is just nice to see that he is the same Hugh Howey that hung out with us lowly wannabes over on SFFWorld.com.)

Anyway, that’s all the news in my neck of the woods. Write on, folks!


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