Baring my soul

Me, with beanie.

Please, don’t crush it.

See what I did just there?

I sort-of have the confidence to put it all out there, but then I pull back and ask you all to forgive me.

I know that’s annoying. I know I’m a whiner. And I know you all get tired of reading my rambles about my failings. And I’m so self-centered!

But I don’t give a shit.

Well, I do, sort of.

For a writer, the idea of having a blog is to develop and launch your writer’s platform. This is supposed to be the place where your millions of fans will go to read all about what you are working on, gain insights into the psyche of one of their favorite author’s, and maybe learn a thing or two about the writing process.

Oh, dear.

Well, we all know what folks will find around here: Incessant whining and occasional bullshit pieces of writing advice that may or may not be helpful.


I could do something different. Take on a different persona. Convince you I’m on top of things. But that would be wrong. It is not me.

So deal with it.

As much as I would like to portray a professional, confident image, that’s not who I am. If you want that, visit J.W. Manus, Broadside, Emmie Mears, DailyRich, Todd Newton, or any number of capable writers just itching to get your attention.

Go on. Why are you hanging around here?

Oh! That’s right, it’s time for…

The fifth piece of advice in the 25 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic post!

Be sincere. Whether you’re sincerely a jerk or sincerely a helpful person–or even sincerely confused*, sincerity goes a long way in the blogging world. Don’t try to change your blogging persona every week. Pick an identity and stick with it. That’s one of the surest ways to connect with your audience.

*Emphasis mine.

There you have it. Now, go out and be you.

14 thoughts on “Baring my soul

  1. I’m flattered that you included me in the list of those with a confident and professional image, but you probably know I’m going to say you’re too hard on yourself. There’s more to it than just having compelling content to blog. To write, you need to write, and you do that. You do it well. You’re also helpful with criticism, supportive of others, and a decent human being besides. Those three things are very professional. Now you just need to master the confidence part 🙂

  2. What he said!
    Insecurity is inherent. Reading someone else is an exercise in self-critique. That’s as it should be. Self-critique leads to improvements but you cannot improve crap. And you don’t produce crap.

    1. Actually, funny story Dan reminded me of, I watched an episode of Mythbusters recently where they put idioms to the test. “You can’t polish shit” was one of the ones they did, and they proved you actually *can* polish shit. Busted.

      Not that it has any bearing, but I thought you might enjoy that lol

      1. I saw that episode. I was amazed. Not that it could be polished, but that they did it. But if I recall correctly, it was mud they polished, no? Or did they start out with mud and then moved on to a turd? I can’t remember. Will have to re-watch it.

  3. They did start with mud, then used the same technique on lion shit and some other kind. Each one made a shiny shitball and measured how much it shined to prove it could be polished. Well worth re-watching the episode (might be ssn4, not 100% sure though)

  4. I actually enjoy your rants as much as I berate you for your self-deprecating behaviour. If it helps you work through stuff, carry on!

  5. The best blog writers are those who are sincere, honest and just being themselves. I think your content is great – as long as you have fun and you get some nice comments, it’s all worthwhile.

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