Guest posting and other news

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Just a quick post to let you all know that I have a guest post over on Procraistin8or’s World of Words. Not my best work, I should have cleaned it up a bit (sorry Matt), but I think it does get my point across. I helped The Procraistin8or (yes, I envision a Terminator character when I read that word, too) finish up a series he started on cell phone apps that writer’s might find useful. Check it out. I think the last one I listed might help if you have a tendency to wander on the internet rather than dutifully finish your masterpiece.

Some other random news presented in no particular order:

  1. I’ve reached the 75,000 word mark on my novel re-write. I think this baby might get over 90,000 words. Yikes. That’s not what I had intended way back when I envisioned this series, but, hey, this is a learning process.
  2. I’m putting together an anthology! Only open to forum members, but if you happen to be a member, come join the gang and submit a story. This will be an entirely different learning process for me. I get to be editor and grand poo-bah. Lots of fun.
  3. If you ever wanted to come up with some snazzy maps for your books, but don’t have the skills to do it yourself or the money to hire a cartographer, check out the first of a promised series on the topic by J.W. Shortland. I haven’t tried the software myself, but Mr. Shortland’s instructions seem thorough and easy to follow. If you try it, let me know!
  4. And if you plan to self-publish short fiction or a novel, check out J.W. Manus’ blog posts on e-book formatting. Her posts are well written and informative. If you follow her guidance, you’ll be sure to find the answers to all those pesky formatting issues, and be 100% ahead of the game.

Until next time, stop procrastinating and write.


6 thoughts on “Guest posting and other news

  1. But without procrastinating my ‘click a link’ finger would wither. You have GOT to keep me posted on the anthology. It sounds like fun.

    1. Yes! I saw that. Not the details, but the overall flow of creating an e-book. I’ve bookmarked that one too. It’s a good overall plan to follow for *our* anthology.

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