Writing Update 2012-4

Happy Earth Day, Everyone.

Oh, and welcome back, tmso. Nice to have you with us. Care to fill us in on what’s been going on in your life?

(I’m sure you’d rather my schizophrenic self not do this, but this is my public shaming wall, so here it goes.)

The Denouncer

The re-vamp of Devil’s Blood is humming along. I am 60,000+ words into a horrible rough draft that I plan to finish in a month’s time.  A little ahead of schedule, but I’m sure something will happen to derail that process. If nothing does, then I’ll be editing till the end of the year in hopes for a self-publication before the holidays. Can you believe it? I don’t. I’m sure it won’t happen. I’ll probably realize what a piece of crap it truly is before shaming myself before the masses of humanity that will certainly flock to download my first novel. 😉


The Dragon’s Jewel

Dragon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ug. I haven’t done anything on my new novel. But I think about this story a lot. But other than thinking, not much has got into the computer. Ah, well. It will definitely get back on my writing schedule in the second half of the year. The story is just too good to let it wallow in my head all by its lonesome.

Doom and Destruction in 2012

Sadly, I’ve come to realize I am not some super-writer that can work on a dozen different projects at the same time. I am dropping this effort. But! That doesn’t mean I won’t be putting out an apocalyptic anthology this year. Turns out a few writers over on the SFFWorld.com Writing Forum are game to have me run a few contests and put together a digital anthology of the winning entries.

It should be a great set of short stories. There are some really talented folk on the forum and I just hope I can keep my act together to see this to The End (a bit of a joke, you see, I plan on calling the anthology ‘The End’).

Wish us luck.

Short Stories

No official word from Fantasy Faction on my impending rejection. I’m sure the editors are swamped reading the hundreds of entries they have gotten. I’ll just have to wait for my rejection notice till after the deadline

But, I’m re-thinking on self-publishing it. My brother was going to draw the cover for it and I erroneously had him read it first to get some ideas for the cover. He really didn’t like it. He said, “It doesn’t have a point.”

I countered, “Yes, it does. Life sucks is the point.”

“Well,” he said, “that’s not a good point.”

I thought he’s right, but I didn’t tell him that. Anyway, that got me thinking. Do I really want to publish something that essentially rubs a victim of violence’s nose in the fact that they are helpless?

No, I don’t. So, I’ve decided not to publish it.

I still have The Fat Man on the back burner that I have abandoned in favor of finishing The Denouncer. We’ll see if I ever come back to it or not.

That’s all the news in the land of TMSO. Until next time, write with a fire-breathing dragon bearing down your neck.

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9 thoughts on “Writing Update 2012-4

  1. Good to see you back. Stop being so negative or I’ll have to come over there and…ummm… I don’t know what but it won’t be pretty that’s for sure.

    1. You all can’t give a girl a break, eh? It would be nice if you all came over and hung out. I wouldn’t whine in person. Promise.

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