Going on vacation

No. Not really. I wish. But I am taking an unplanned vacation from my blog. Nothing bad has happened, just a bit overwhelmed. I’ll still be posting book reviews intermittently over on my other blog.

I’ll be back here when…I’m back. In the meantime, enjoy this:

H/T: Why Evolution is True

5 thoughts on “Going on vacation

  1. I did wonder, you’ve not been posting as much content recently and I’ve barely seen you at my own blog (not a criticism, just an observation!) I hope the break does you good and you come back with renewed passion 🙂

    1. Ah, that may be more of a function that I stopped reading via email and I’m now using the reader tab on WordPress. Sometimes I miss a post. Sorry!

      1. No problem! As I said, it was an observation not a complaint; I really value your input on my own blog and never take it for granted.

        I hope you manage to find the fire for blogging again soon.

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