Shine them shoes

Avocado Chocolate Pudding
Avocado Chocolate Pudding

Always put your best foot forward. Don’t fall into the trap of pulling punches on your blog. That is, don’t hold back your content. I’ve heard many writers talk about how they use their blogs as places to throw their scraps. Well, I don’t know about you, but I have more than enough great content available to me online that I don’t want to settle for the scraps. Always blog your best, and you’ll be surprised how you’ll come up with even better ideas as a result.

Quality content is what the man is talking about. This is Mr. Brewer’s fourth blogging tip in his 25 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic post. I can’t say that I follow his advice all the time. Sometimes in my haste to get something on this blog so that you will come by and grace me with your presence, I’ll put just about anything up.

But he is right about not wasting your readers’ time. We all blog and read blogs to get something out of it, so we should all do our best to offer each other posts that shine and are pertinent. Whether we are practicing our skills or learning new ones, setting the bar high for your blog will mean folks will be more likely to come by and, you know, read it.

One thing I’ve done that seems to have increased my blog traffic are a series of posts on professional writing advice. Like the one this post belongs to. We’ve all read those posts with long lists of tips, right? Most of us go through them quickly and soon forget about them. I know I did that for a long time. But then it dawned on me that if I spent just a bit of time on each piece of advice, the lesson might get ingrained on my synapses rather than slide off into some nether region of my spine never to be found again.

Somehow, I think it might help you too.

You tell me. Are these posts helpful to you? Would you rather I stop?

Come on, don’t leave me here all alone with the crickets…

(Oh, and yes, the picture is completely random.)


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