Snagged from Business Today

I’m not talking about the awards we spread around on this here blog-o-sphere. Those are inclusive and used to make us all feel good about our blogging efforts. It spurs us on and gets us all blog-happy. It’s like getting that little peppermint shot in your holiday coffee – isn’t that special!

No, I’m talking about Awards with a big ‘A’. You know, like the Hugo, or the Gemmell,  or the Nebula, or, maybe even, the Clarke.

Yes, I’m talking about last week’s debacle that Christopher Priest started with his demand that the Clarke award not be given out this year because there really isn’t any novel published in Britian that deserves it.


I know what you are thinking. What does that all have to do with me? Or us?

Not much, but it did get me thinking. Hard not to when just about every author I follow has been talking about it. There’s Jim Hine‘s funny piece, John Scalzi‘s own balanced perspective, and then there’s Charles Strossquick capitalization on the event. And, I’m sure you have read countless other perspectives from famous and not-so-famous authors.

But here’s what I learned: it’s okay to put my drivel out there.

Folks will hate it. Some will call it childish or stupid or even, egad, harmful. But whatever the case may be, it is all just their opinion. Folks may shout at the clouds, but that’s all it is – shouting. Yes, it’s rude and may hurt your feelings (I know it will hurt mine), but as a new writer, we got to get over that fear.

I don’t plan on winning any awards. Though I do wish to improve enough so that I might consider it someday, I know I’m not in that league now. However, watching the internet feathers getting ruffled this past week has made me realize that even the big guys are in the same boat as we are.

Folks will not like my stuff and will probably tell me that. At least, I hope they tell me, I want some sort of feedback. Silence is the worst form of rejection…but I digress.

Here’s the thing, the business of writing is subjective. A great author, maybe someone you admire, may mouth off and say your crap isn’t worthy. And that’s okay. If you entertain yourself, more power to you – keep writing. With time and improvement, we will all find an audience that likes our stuff. It will happen. But only if we keep writing.

Until later, write AND PUBLISH with no fear.