Photo Weekly Challenge: Through

Water loves to pass through limestone, and much of New Zealand’s north island is made of limestone. And guess what? New Zealand gets a healthy amount of rainfall.

One day, while touring about on the state highway between Whakapara and Kawakawa, we stopped to rest the overheated car we were driving. I happened to see a little sign on the side of the road that said something about a cave. I thought: cave = cool, so off we went for an unexpected and delightful trip through a mountain at the Kawiti Caves.

My shot is not nearly as nice as the one on the official website – check it out! And if you are ever in New Zealand, and happen to be on that highway, you should stop and bask in the glow of worm turds. Though, there are lots of other places to do that. The Waitomo Caves in the center of the North Island offer a more extended visit with the underground critters.

12 thoughts on “Photo Weekly Challenge: Through

    1. Yes! There are a few that have been left “natural” but the thing is that they don’t want people messing with the limestone and touching things. The boardwalk keeps people on track and off the formations. Plus, it’s safer.

  1. Always something enchanting about caves. If you’re ever in England, I recommend Cheddar Gorge.

  2. Between you and my son (he vacationed in NZ and Australia a few months ago) I am dying to visit Down Under.

    Gorgeous photo. Caves are so enticing.

  3. One day, I hope to visit this paradise -like of a country. New Zealand is blessed with so much beautiful wonders of nature. The caves looks amazing. Thanks for sharing and for the recent visit. Have a blessed weekend.

    1. The caves are a wonder. There are lots of great places in the world. NZed is one of ’em. I wish I could visit the Philippines and all of southeast Asia. One of these days…

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