Writing Update 2012-3

Yes, it is still Wednesday in my neck of the woods, so technically, I’m on schedule. 😀

I did miss some posts last week. My apologies. But surprisingly, the world did not end.

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Darn it. Could have been a wicked story. 👿

Whether I blog or not, I have written some.  Here’s a run down:

The Denouncer

This is the re-vamp of Devil’s Blood (Blood Moon for a brief moment in time), my first novel that pretty much sucked. I’m trying to unsuckify it. Still working on that. It has turned into an entirely different story. I am starting to write this anew with guidance from my writing coach. First draft of this baby should be complete by the end of June, 2012. If it doesn’t suck as bad as the first, I might be able to self-publish this by the end of the year. But that’s a stretch.

This effort will be my main focus for this year. So even if everything else goes to hell, I’m going to make sure this gets done one way or another. You can check out my progress on this by clicking on the progress bar in the left side panel (if you are looking at this via a desktop browser; for those of you on a mobile device, it should be somewhere at the bottom).

The Dragon’s Jewel

A new novel I started a couple of weeks ago, but I’ve thought about it for a few months now. It’s a story-within-a-story sort of story with an eastern flair. I’ve worked out the outline with my writing coach and so far, I really really like it. There’s a dragon. And swords. And badass women-warriors. What’s not to like?

Most of the protags in this story are women. This is a rarity for me. I usually write male main characters, so I’m pleased to know there is a feminine side to me (that’s good, considering I am a woman). I expect to finish the first draft sometime before November 2012.

Doom and Destruction in 2012

I’m not sure this will come to fruition, but I’ve started on it and once a seed takes root in my brain, it is hard to get rid of it. J.M. Odell, a fellow writer, decided to post a doom and destruction writing prompt for each month in 2012 to celebrate commemorate the crazy and popular predictions based on the Mayan calendar ending-of-the-world on December 21st, 2012 (that’s the winter solstice, folks, that’s why they ended the calendar there, it was a nice stopping point).

Anyway, when she started the prompts, I thought they would be a good distraction from my novels that would keep the creative juices going. Because, you know, sometimes you need a break from the longer works. It then dawned on me that if I keep them short, less than a 1,000 words each, I could compile them in a compilation and self-publish them on December 21st, 2012! What a concept, eh? I’m sure I’m the only one that thought of that.

I’m so clever! 😉

Short Stories

Which brings me to a couple of short stories I’m working on.

I finished Suria, a strange story that was inspired by this gal. Even though Ms. Dugard’s story had a happy ending, my doesn’t. Suria is an exploration of exploitation in a magical world and what it means to be completely enslaved. Having submitted the story to the Fantasy-Fiction.com story contest, I am waiting for the rejection for I can self-publish this story. Expect to see it on Smashwords in July, 2012.

The other short story I’m working on has lost its appeal. The working title is The Fat  Man, and I really liked the concept, but the execution is not panning out as I thought it would. It is about an obese man in a world on the brink of collapse when a galactic storm obscures our sun’s solar radiation from feeding us the light we need to grow food.

Anyway, I might continue to fight it till its finished, or I’ll shelve it and move on.

That’s all the news in the land of TMSO. Until next time, write with a deadline in mind.

(I just noticed all those emoticons. Somehow they snuck back into my posts. I could go weed them out. I could. But I’m not. 😛 )

10 thoughts on “Writing Update 2012-3

    1. Hey Rosy!

      Sadly, these are merely my dreams. Will I ever finish anything? Anything good? Who knows.

      But I’m enjoying it and I haven’t completely turned into a recluse – yet.

      I hope all is well.

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