Weekly Photo Challenge: Frightful Regret

Well, can you imagine that? I’ve completely missed a week of posts on this blog. I’ll have to start pilfering posts from you all. 😉

I didn’t take today’s picture, obviously.  That broad-backed football-liner looking woman is me. Recently, my husband and I took the dog out for a kayak. The dog did fine the second time out, but the first trip was just a little frightful for him. I think he kept thinking the seals and dolphins were gonna jump up and bite him!

In the end, he had a fine time, but when my husband snapped this photo, the dog definitely regretted following us on to that boat.

12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Frightful Regret

    1. If you knew our dog, you’d realize he was just being silly. He regularly chases coyotes, black bears, bobcats and anything else that he think he can kill. It was a welcome change to put him out of his element. But! As soon as he figured out we were there to see the seals and dolphins, he started to get real interested in them and started tracking them like he would any other prey. 😮

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