Weekly Photo Challenge: Egret Ready

This is not the best picture of an egret (specially, a great egret or Casmerodius albus). But it does fit the WordPress photo challenge topic, ready, and the next letter in the alphabet, ‘e‘.

The bike paths that run through Santa Rosa, CA are part of the old canal maintenance roads that run along the upper banks of the creeks. As many creeks as there are in the county, that’s how many bike paths there are to explore and commute on. I use the super-highway of them all: the Santa Rosa Creek Trail. It’s paved and runs across the center of Santa Rosa in a mostly east-west orientation. But most of these creek trails are unpaved and remote, great for taking your dog on a run.

They also have something else in common (other than the trash): the great egrets.

They are everywhere! I never realized. We rarely saw these majestic birds up in my former home in the Sierra mountains, so I just figured these bright white creatures were rare. Well, I’m wrong. There’s a healthy population living in Santa Rosa.

They are skittish, and I am often on my bike when on the bike paths so rarely do I get a chance to take a picture of them. One day, I happened to be walking with my dog on a leash and I had a camera. I tried to get close before snapping a picture, but I scared her off before I could settled down. I managed to get this one shot.

Lesson learned: to get that perfect shot, one must always be ready (and carry a camera…and a tripod).

8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Egret Ready

  1. Wow, gorgeous shot of a gorgeous bird.

    I’ve been trying to get a pic of the great blue heron that visits the pond behind the library. It’s a stealthy thing with a habit of disappearing into the rushes when people are around. The ducks and geese, however, they come right up and smile for the camera. You’ve inspired me to try again.

    1. Blue herons! Yes, we saw lots of those in the Sierra mountains, but not these pure white versions. But all of ’em are jumpy. I hope you get that shot.

  2. Beautiful….makes me want to soar and fly…my heart at least and the dreams it makes. Inspiring. The first time I saw an Egret in Texas while walking near the lake, I thought it was a water feature cause it wasn’t moving. It was so still. then it flew and it made me say, “wow!” Happy Valentine’s day…wishing you all the love and joy!

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