Writing Update 2012-2

Happy Monday!

So how’s it going? Did you get a lot done this weekend? Finish off your magus opus?

I did not get much writing done this past week, but I did learn something new:


That stands for Editor Asks… Meaning, your editor was confused by whatever it was you wrote and has a question.

Let’s see, what other news can I include in my Monday Minutes…

Hugh Howey – he’s a great author.  You should check him out.

I’m excited about Suria, a short story I am working on. I don’t think the story is great, but I think it represents the best work I’ve done so far. No, that’s not saying much considering…but hey, I have improved!

I’ll be submitting it to the Fantasy Faction contest, but since there’s a 99.999999% chance that it will be rejected, I’m planning to self-publish Suria as a short on Smashwords. My brother may do the artwork for the cover, which would be awesome. And I have to brush up on the formatting issues for an e-book.

With two other novels in the works and one other short story, I have more than enough on my plate, including my dog.

Since you all like him so much, I started a blog for him.  I haven’t had time to post there much, but he’s been pestering me to tell his story, so drop and check it out sometime.

Enjoy your Monday.


4 thoughts on “Writing Update 2012-2

  1. Hey there the little short one 😉

    Two new novels? I clearly missed something! Sounds exciting 🙂 I barely moved more than a sloth this weekend. I even forgot about eating! Clearly I badly needed some rest and just stayed in bed.

    I would check you Howey, but my reading list is so scary that I just … can’t,

    1. You must be sick. It’s The Mighty Short One!! Nothing little about me… 😉

      I know how you feel about having too much to read. Same here. I’ve come to the conclusion that I I don’t feel like finishing something I start – I just don’t. I move on to the next thing. Howey made me stop and read all the way through.

      I hope you feel better soon. 🙂

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