Writing Update 2012-1

Guess what?

Image by Luther College Photos via Flickr

I got me a writing coach! (Happy me: :D)

No, a writing coach does not write anything for you.  It is not ghost writing or co-writing. Think of it as having a one-way-street writing buddy relationship with a professional writer.

I had my first session last week, and I have to say it was productive, informative, and indispensable.

At first, I thought I was copping out by getting a writing coach, that this truly meant I am a complete hack and just can’t make it on my own. But then I realized my entire educational career had pretty much nothing to do with writing. I spent over 20 years in school, producing a career in a science oriented field with very little writing required to succeed. Of course I need help! And the occasional online class wasn’t cutting it.

So with my new writing coach steering my efforts, I am working on two short stories, and a novel idea (that I’ve told no one about – yet). I feel like I’m getting somewhere, truly learning and growing and not just spinning my wheels and getting frustrated.

It is too early in the process to say whether the writing coach thing is good or bad, but I can say it is good now.  That’s got to count for something. With that in mind, I’m forging ahead.

Until later, write focused.

11 thoughts on “Writing Update 2012-1

  1. It’s funny, we spend much of our adolescent years open and invested to the lessons thrown at us from our coaches: team sports, music lessons, Physical Education class (oh how dreadful), etc. Yet, as we grow we are less open to the idea, even when it comes to something incredibly important to our happiness (for me, writing is certainly that). Thanks for sharing!

  2. Good for you, Nila!

    It’s so exciting to hear that, honestly. I spent years trying to go it alone to make my novel better — and sometimes asking the wrong people for help. This weekend I learned that the input of professionals is integral to the development of the craft, whether it’s reading books they wrote or getting advice in person. I had a lot of help with my pitch this weekend, and that help paid off. I hope your writing coach pays off tenfold — and I’m sure she will. (Or he.)

    1. You know, she already has. I don’t know why, but having her focus on me, has made me focus. I think I’ll get a lot out of this relationship. I’ll keep you all posted.

    1. Good question. On our first session, I decided on what I wanted to work on (re-vamping a short story). She read it a day before to assess the damage, then offered her thoughts on plot, character and story. We hashed character motivations and how that affects decisions my character makes, based on that, I came up with a new outline. I wrote that out, and she offered feedback. Now I have to re-write the story based on our ideas. I think that process will be repeated, then she’ll tackle writing mechanics. Depending on how that comes out, I’ll either tackle another short story with her, or go for a full novel.

  3. Sounds very exciting and productive Nila! Also sounds very similar to what we do at uni- Keep us updated on the progress.
    Also: I love the new blog design, hadn’t noticed it before as I usually use Google Reader.

  4. I think a coach is vital for any craft, be it the arts or athletics. Imagine what sports would be if no one had a coach. I never had a coach, but I’ve had writing partners and a mentor. They are priceless.

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