Getting back on that horse

Poor thing. It was dead just a few days ago…I suppose…zombie horses?

Oh. But of course there are. (shudder) Why did I look that up?

Zombie Horse by WolfesClothing (courtesy of Sam Wolfe Connelly's DevianArt page)

After burying my novel series idea, I feel adrift. There’s a huge hole in my brain that needs filling, and I’m not entirely sure what to fill it with. Not for lack of options, mind you. Plenty of those. But which do I choose?

I did a little snooping on Duotrope and and came up with these:

1) The Fantasy Faction Anthology Contest – for unpublished writers only. Enter a short story of less than 8,000 words, and you may see your name next to some major authors. I imagine that my chances of winning something like this is nano-small, but it sounds like fun. Join me! Submissions open from February 1, 2012 to June 30, 2012.

2) Fading Light: An Anthology of the Monstrous – this one offers a little more than just a chance to publish – royalties! Accepting stories with no more than 5,000 words, the anthology promises dark stories. I’m not sure any of mine are dark enough, but I do have a vampire story that I might be able to alter for this one. I’ll have to give it a go. Submissions open from January 15, 2012 to May 15, 2012.

3) The Mothman Chronicles – the editor, Mr. Michael Knost, is offer professional payment for this one. For a maximum 4,000 word short story, that’s up to $40 for a story! I know, that doesn’t seem like much, but that’s pro-pay, folks. If I submit to this anthology, this will be the first ever professional-paid publication I will have submitted to. I’m sure I will be summarily rejected, but gotta start somewhere! Submissions seem to have been open for some time and ends on July 1, 2012.  Mr. Knost has a few other anthologies in the works as well. Check ’em out.

Good luck and happy writing!

6 thoughts on “Getting back on that horse

  1. Great picture. And it’s good to see you are getting back on that horse.

    I’ve been giving more thought to the process you followed, and I think you’re absolutely on the right track.

    When I think about how we evolve as writers, well, first we write some stuff, and stick in a drawer (or file.) Next, we screw up the courage to put a story out for critique. It’s savaged. We lick our wounds, and try again. Eventually, we send something out to an editor. It’s savaged in absentia–all we get, after weeks of waiting, is a form letter. Eventually, if we keep trying, we get a few things published. So we attempt longer stuff, and we talk to people. We learn that many of those with an agent and publisher get very little support, and that the stigma against self-publishing is fading. But it begs the question – how do you make sure your creation is ready? Every author faces the same issues. We all know how much is out there that shouldn’t be.

    What you did was very clever. And you’ve been kind enough to share what you’ve learned.

    1. Clever? Okay, if you say so, but…well…I think if this was easy we’d all be best sellers, gobbling each other’s work like it was candy.

      Besides, I have to keep reminding myself, this is all for fun! As long as I’m still enjoying the creating and learning part, I’m good.

      Thanks for stopping by.

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