Weekly Photo Challenge: Peaceful Balloon

No, I hadn’t forgotten yesterday was Friday Fiction, and I was supposed to post a weekly challenge photo along with a story. But, I just couldn’t get the shot I wanted.

You see, the post should have been titled Peaceful Bird. The ‘peaceful’ part is for the WordPress photo challenge and the ‘bird’ part is for Frizztext’s B Challenge, but darn it if the birds were not cooperating this week.

We have a car port with wooden trellises for sides. Two types of ivy blanket the trellises. Each morning I pass through the car port is like dodging missiles. Birds roosting in the gaps of the wooden slats wake with a jump. But there’s also a few nests in there, too. I’ve tried to capture one of the residents sleeping peacefully in its nest, but as soon as I step out there, they become anything but peaceful. They’re like speeding darts that’ll kill you if you get in their way. Seriously.

Anyway, like every weekend around here, the balloons are out in droves so here’s my Peaceful Balloon picture instead.

Peaceful Balloon

No story today – it’s not Friday!  Until next time, happy shooting and writing.


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