Photo Weekly Challenge: ‘A’ Launch

In 2011, WordPress had a daily challenge and a weekly photo challenge. Everyday a WordPress representative would post a topic for the public to use and abuse.  Likewise, every week they posted a topic for photographers (laymen and professionals alike) to interpret as they saw fit.

I didn’t discover either until late in the year.  I don’t think I ever used the daily prompts, but I did enjoy participating in the photo challenges.  That, along with SomethingNewPlease, inspired my Friday Fiction idea (wherein I use a picture to come up with a 100 word fictional story).

I had thought to continue using the WordPress photo challenge to incorporate into my Friday Fictions, but they have decided to do something different for 2012 and haven’t announced that might be – yet.  In the meantime, I will participate in FrizzText’s challenge instead.

His is quite simple.  The letter ‘A’.  For me that’s Attention.  And, yes, here’s a another picture of my dog (two sentence story to follow).

Alby paying attention to the ball

Ball high, descending – catch! Never take yours eyes off the ball.

Lo and behold, WordPress came out with a photo challenge today: Launch. Alby does double duty.

Up, up...and awaaaay!

All photos taken by me circa 2004.

24 thoughts on “Photo Weekly Challenge: ‘A’ Launch

    1. He is flying! Even at 13 years of age, he still gets major air. This was taken a few years ago and I never did like it because it doesn’t really show how far he could jump (8 – 10 ft easy).

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