Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter

Winter White

Wet snow fell from the gray to cover the world in cold.  A coyote sends a small shiver down her spine, fending off the frigid air for a few moments.  She glides over rotten snow, head down sniffing the ground for the scent of hare or any prey that might have ventured out on such a dismal day.


14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter

      1. In my old backyard in Truckee, California (near Lake Tahoe). I think I took this photo in the winter of 2010. Not sure what month…I’d have to look it up. Coyotes come down into the neighborhoods during the spring. We had huge boulders behind our house that housed a huge rabbit warren. The coyotes would come visit for a snack. 😉

    1. Really? It’s hard to tell with no real reference for scale, but it’s only about the size of my dog – maybe 50 pounds. Probably less. I think wolves are a lot bigger. But, there are a few wolf-dog mixes in the neighborhood…who knows what’s running around out there in the woods!

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