Love and hobbits

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Zach’s original speech:

And guess who’s coming NEXT holiday season?  No!  Not Santa.  Bilbo!!!!! 😀


Write Festively!

6 thoughts on “Love and hobbits

    1. I know. When i first saw the date, I thought, what! It’s out already! Then i noticed the 2012. How dare they advertise so early!

      I haven’t seen the first season, but have it saved on netflix. 🙂

      1. I know! It almost pissed me off that they were advertising for it that early!

        Well, you can always kill some time while watching Game of Tthrones. It’s brilliant! The only disappointng thing is that there’s only one season (the second one is starts airing in April I think) .

      2. Can’t wait to see Games of Thrones, and for the last two installments of the series! Will just have to keep waiting for GRRM to write ’em…

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