Weekly Photo Challenge: Self Portrait

Amazon.com has an Author’s program or website or something, that allows you to list yourself as an author.  I did so this past week to add my name to the list of authors of the First Contact Imminent anthology.

No worries, right?  Just add my contact details, a bit of a bio (still haven’t done that), and then a pic–

Oh, yeah, a picture.  Of me.

Some of you may know that Nila E. White is my pen name.  I want my writing persona to be completely disassociated from my real name, because, frankly, I need my job.  Therefore, I have avoided putting up my picture to my profile pages anywhere I visit on the internet.

But, you know, on Amazon, I can’t very well upload a picture of sun spots (yes, my goal in life is to be a sun):

Or last Halloween’s pumpkin:

I ended up not putting up any picture on my Amazon author page, resigned to the fact that folks will simply see a generic blob.

But it bugged me.  It’s not that I’m hiding from my readers.  Nor my family or friends.  However, my professional reputation could be tarnished in the eyes of my employers if my name got associated with something like genre writing.  So…there it is.  No picture.

How fitting that this week’s photo challenge is a self-portrait. 😉

Trying really hard not to take of picture of myself

15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Self Portrait

    1. Hey Mezza, thanks for stopping by. And, yes, I guess right now it is okay. I posted on a Sunday, hoping no one would come by to see… 😮

  1. I can certainly understand your hesitancy to post a self-portrait. But you did a fine job with yours and I would assume, maintaining your anonymity. BTW, thanks for the link to my blog.

    1. It was my first try. All the others showed way too much of me. I kind of think this one is a little too revealing as well, but there it is.

  2. The Sun , the pumpkin but more importantly the third self Photo all shows the bright and happy person you are. Your talent shines like a ray of sunshine. I do feel the same way as you do. My job world is totally separated from my blog world. It’s my job world that allows me to pay my internet time….ha, ha, ha.Happy Holidays and all blessings to you and your family.

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